House Somergate

House Status

Attribute Value Specifics
Defence 30 HALL (20): Somergate is a small keep on a hill, with a good view of the surrounding countryside. TOWER (10): An old tower, originally built several hundred years ago by persons unknown. Hidden deep in the woods, it remains defensible, but is not strategically located.
Influence 29 HEIR (20): Harry Somergate is a young, hot-blooded man with a strong sense of his and his family’s honour.
Land 30 Mountains + River + Light Woodland (15): Somergate is located low in the Rills with the river, The Rense running through it. Hills + Dense Woodlands + Streams (15): At the base of the mountains, away to the East of where the Rense emerges from the the Rills there is a region of deep woodland with dozens of streams running through it. Where the Tower is located.
Law 13
Population 14
Power 18 Veteran + Cavalry (10): A unit of mounted men-at-arms. Trained + Infantry (7): A solid unit of shield carrying, mail clad soldiers.
Wealth 17 Sept (15): One of the larger and more impressive Septs in the whole of the North. Built with funds provided by Thom Somergate.


Age: Old

Event Description
Treachery When King Rickon rode out and brought House Arching low for their alleged banditry, there was a Hedge Knight who betrayed the Archings to the Starks. As a reward he was raised to nobility, but as punishment for their betrayal, they were made bannermen to the Archings. Much hilarity/awkwardness ensued.
Glory After their unfortunate beginnings, House Somergate grew in prominence when Thom Somergate, a third son of the family rose high in the Church and joined the Council of the Most Devout.
Favour With the rise of Aelric Arching to the head of House Arching, and with his madness and burning of the Weirwood etc., the Somergates were raised up high from his favour.
Infrastructure With booty taken from fighting on the winning side of Robert’s Rebellion, House Somergate was able to build up its forces fairly significantly.


Seat: Somergate Hall

House Words: By oath bound, by honour freed.

Coat of Arms:

House Somergate

House Arching Pedant