House Arching

House Status

Attribute Value Specifics
Defence 36 Small Castle (30): The Arches
Influence 42 Heir (20), Second Son (10)
Land 41 Hills + Road + Hamlet (22) – CENTRAL, Plains + Dense Woodland + Ruin (Weirwood burnt by Aelric Arching) (13) – WESTERN, Wetlands + River + Grassland (7) – NORTHERN.
Law 22
Population 15
Power 29 House Somergate (20), Trained Archer (6), Green Criminals (2).
Wealth 19 Maester (10)


Age: Old

Event Description
Glory Bann Archer defeated a Bandit Army by killing their leader in single combat (allegedly). The legitimacy of this victory is debated by its enemies, in particular House Stawerth
Defeat Having preyed upon neighbouring lands, the King in the North made war against them, defeating
Infrastructure After the King Torrhen knelt before Aegon, the Kingsroad was built.
Madness A minor scion of the Targaryen married in to the family. The child of this union, Aelric Arching suffered from the madness.
Favour Murdered the heirs to the Targaryen throne from the marriage for Robert Baratheon and gained his favour from this.


House Words: Swift & Sure

Coat of Arms: On a Field Gules, with a Mascle Or with Crossed, Interlacing Arrows Argent.

Family Tree

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House Arching

House Arching Pedant