Threadneedle Hall

The Hall

Threadneedle Hall is the seat of House Oakfast, and reflects their small influence and power. The lower level is built of solid limestone blocks, though age and weather has left them pitted and uneven, whilst the upper floor is built of thick oaken planks, with a slated roof.

Enclosing a small yard at the front is a 7ft wall, with iron-banded oaken gates at the front. The front yard contains a small stable, kennel and smithy.

The Environs

House Oakfast’s holdings are not extensive, at least, not for the North, but they do include a large section of the Wolfswood, making for excellent hunting grounds. The smallfolk beholden to House Oakfast are a mix of farmers and furriers and provide a small income to the family.

Threadneedle Hall

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