House Stawerth


An old house, raised to the nobility when King Edgar Stark made war upon House Arching for its supposed support of banditry, and Vickon Stawerth threw himself in front of Lord Stelton Tallhart and took an arrow from a bandit. Mere hours after being enobled, Vickon Stawerth died, but his eldest son, Garrow Stawerth lead the van of the attack upon the bandit stronghold. Ever since, the scions of House Stawerth have sworn oaths to the Old Gods that the archer who slew the first head of their house was none other than Lord Robbert Arching himself.

Several generations later, when King Torrhen knelt before the Targaryens, a great Tournament was held to celebrate the peace, and knights and warriors came from across the realms to compete. Rymund Stawerth unhorsed all-comers to win a great victory, but accidentally killed Hoyle Arching, heir to the Arching family in the final bout when his destrier rolled over, crushing him.

During the Blackfyre Rebellion, Lord Hermant Stawerth mustered some significant martial forces and marched South where they fought long and hard in favour of the Targaryens, and did good service at the Battle of Redgrass Fields. Having earned the favour of Lord Arryn beforehand, Lord Hermant Stawerth managed to get the troops of House Arching relegated to menial duties, meaning that no particular glory was won by the House during the war.

When Robert’s Rebellion began and Lord Eddard Stark called the banners, House Stawerth, under Lord Edgar Stawerth, was slow indeed to muster their forces and indeed sent only a hundred or so peasants, preferring to keep the majority of their strength to defend against an expected strike from the Targaryen-leaning Archings. Unfortunately this lacklustre support has meant that the fortunes of the family have fallen in the current circumstances.


Lord: Edgar Stawerth
Lady: Joanna Stawerth
Heir: Hosteen Stawerth
Second Son: Hullen Stawerth
Third Son: Haesten Staweth

Master-At-Arms: Garrick Whentworth


House Words: Our Way is Sacrifice

Coat of Arms: On a Field Azure, with a Bendlet Or, entwined by Chains in Steel.

House Stawerth

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