House Arching

3. Investigations, Torture and Lemon Cakes

After some discussion, Dorian & Gaveth head on towards the mill, where they find the Mrs Miller’s family held hostage still. Gaveth charges through a fight ensues, one man downstairs is knocked unconscious, and two upstairs surrender, whilst a Hedge Knight tries to escape from the top floor.

After a horseback chase, Dorian and Gaveth catch up with him and kill him, finding 25 Gold Dragons, a writ of Knighthood and little else. His coat of arms are a Broken Egg containing a lizard.

Gaveth & Dorian ride back to the Mill and search the three bandits left alive. Find nothing too interesting. Dorian notes that the Miller’s youngest daughter somewhat resembles Benfred Tallheart. Questioning the Miller’s wife they learn that amongst Benfred’s murderers who came to the mill, there was a tall, tanned foreigner with a great bow.

On the way back to Torrhen’s Square, they spend their time intimidating the prisoners. Once back they send the prisoners to the dungeons, as Dorian and Gaveth get some food and speak to Maester Georg about the Hedge Knight. Learn that he was knighted by Ser Harys Swyft of the Westerlands. Going to research the coat-of-arms.

Then go to speak with Jarrd Yullweight (Steward). Dorian suggests that Jarrd arrange to relocate Mrs Miller and her children. He agrees to do so. ALso mentions a Hedge Knight, Ser Frederick Garth, who brings a message from Lord Harold Arching, informing them of Lord Grangeworth’s death.

Ser Fredrick drops a heavy hint about having extra information. A gold dragon later and he informs Dorian of the tin seam found on Grangeworth lands, and the interest of House Wyell in the inheritance.

Next day, Stranger’s day, thy start the torture nice and early. Torture and Lemoncakes ensuue as Redrick kills his first man. Second man (Jake) breaks and tells them about the location of the bandit camp where they were hired. Third man breaks and said that the foreigner was called William and offered a slightly different route to the bandit camp.

1. A Hunt Gone Awry

Preparation for the Hunt at Threadneedle Hall, with Lord Hellman Tallhart.

During the hunt, Dorian kills the Stag, Gaveth is attacked by bandit/wildings. When all the others gather together, and Lord Hellman doesn’t return with the others.

They track Lord Hellman’s tracks, and find his men-at-arms dead and him kidnapped.

Dorian informs Lady Tallhart.

Later that night, a messenger arrives with a message from Torrhen’s Square. Rickon Tallheart, eldest son to Hellman was killed by bandit archers.

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