House Arching

7. Bandits

The fight is continuing. Gaveth kills the man in scaled armour and starts slaughtering the other bandits, whilst Dorian defends the Holdfast, using stock & soup as boiling oil.

The bandits withdraw, having taken heavy losses. The Stawerths rode out after the bandits and Gaveth & Dorian try to follow the mysterious foreigner away, but the tracks have been obscured by the over-enthusiastic Stawerths…

They meet up with the Stawerths and there is a certain amount of brinksmanshipping between Hullen and Gaveth. The rest agree to ride off, in the knowledge that these two will fight.

An epic duel ensues and both take horrendous damage, which Gaveth wins eventually, maiming Hullen horribly, taking an eye. Leaving Hullen for dead, Gaveth steals Hullen’s Destrier and rides off. Behind he sees the tall, foreign-looking man with bandits arrive and pick up Hullen’s body.

Meanwhile Dorian and Hosteen engage in an intrigue over Content Not Found: wytt_, Dorian trying to seduce Hosteen into taking Content Not Found: wytt_ on as a squire. Hosteen, meanwhile, is trying to convince Dorian to give him Content Not Found: wytt, but with a view to removing a valuable resource from Dorian. In the end, Dorian wins, convincing Hosteen to let Wytt ‘tend to his injuries’ later that night. Dorian notes that Hosteen is not perhaps fully self-aware of what he has agreed to (but nor is he totally innocent).



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