House Arching

5. A Hunting 'Accident'

Mothers Day:

Dorian spends more time with his wife Mathilde plotting suitable.

Crone’s Day:

Dorian speaks with Grangeworth Steward, Robert Page, who is a little sullen with Dorian, so Dorian does some smoothing over. He asks Page to let him know the moment the Stawerth’s come. Then goes to see Lord Harold Arching to ask about the Stawerth’s. Harold tells Dorian that he needs to get the Archings precendence in the funeral.

Gaveth wakes up, teaches Redrick a lesson in keeping her sword close by, then he goes to Deanna, but before he meets her, he is intercepted by Dorian. They plan to invent an heir to House Grangeworth who has been fostered away from House Grangeworth, or a bastard. A claimant of some sort is the plan. At the end, they start looking for a genunine bastard, asking around the servants.

Deanna comes over to talk to them, and agrees to go hunting with Lord Bornett and Gaveth. Gaveth goes to Lord Bornett and tells him about the hunt. Then Gaveth goes off to arrange the hunt, and starts damaging a boar spear for Lord Bornett to use. Dorian meanwhile speaks to Mathilde and learns that Joan, a chamber-maid might know of a bastard.

Then the Stawerths arrive. Gaveth goes outside and, on his horse mocks the Stawerths and gets in his way. Hullen raises the stakes and tries to strike Gaveth’s horse with a dirk, whilst claiming that Gaveth has drawn steel. Gaveth avoids getting hit and rides off.

Dorian encounters Haesten in the dining hall. They are rude at one another. When Hosteen comes in Dorian provides the same treatment, then he goes upstairs. Then Dorian goes outside and is rude to Hullen.

Hunting, Gaveth convinces Lord Bornett to take risks in the hunting to impress Lady Deanna. Tries to arrange a hunting accident, then when a subtle arranging is not possible he just trips Bornett’s horse and breaks Bornett’s neck.

Meanwhile, back at the Grangeworth Holdfast, Dorian goes to speak to Robert Page about the order of precendence at the Funeral and an intrigue is run in which Dorian manages to convince the steward to give it to the Archings, whilst Hosteen Stawerth tried to convince him the other way.



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