House Arching

4. A Tin Mine

Dorian & Gaveth go and speak to Ser Benjen Hallhoyne and try to convince him to hand over one of the prisoners. Initially he resists, but Dorian and Gaveth convince him to hand over Jake, the third prisoner.

As all is arranged, they go to speak to Maester Georg about the dead headge knight. Maester Georg tells them he was Ser Lothan Quirrell, who fought for Ser Harys Swyft on Pyke, but left his service during the rebellion for unknown reasons. Ask Maester to write to the Swyft Maester to ask about Ser Lothan and fwd message on to Maester.

Five days later Mothers day. They go to speak to Lord Harold Arching, and he gives them a bit of background on the inheritance and the families with claims on the Grangeworth land. He tells them that Lady Deanna Arching is going to be married to Lord Bornett. Asks them to go and speak with her, as she is being difficult.

They find Lady Deanna Arching and talk to her. There is sibling bonding and wagering on weddings. A couple of hours later the party heads off and two days later they meet a knight on a bridge. Gaveth maims his opponent.

Ride on to House Grangeworth. Dorian goes in to the holdfast to escort Deanne to her rooms. Then goes to see his wife who was in flagrante with a guardsmen. They talk about finding someone for Deanne. They become ‘re-acquainted’.

Gaveth goes to find Lord Randall Bornett. Is all friendly for the moment, with a view to tricking Bornett into trying to sleep with his sister, so he can kill her.



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